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In which Hank discusses the human condition and attempts to understand monstrous displays of wealth. There was a lot more I wanted to say on this topic but:

1. Four minute time limit and
2. It's really hard to talk about this stuff without getting judgy.

The thing to remember is that, to many people, my house and computer and dog and air conditioner are monstrous displays of wealth. I, personally, have more money than 50% of Americans just by virtue of not having any debt. Albeit on a smaller scale, I make the same irrational purchasing decisions and choose my own very temporary pleasure over the alleviation of real suffering every single day. Part of that is just being required to participate in culture or else be very socially uncomfortable, but it's also just straight up selfishness. I do not know how to counteract this except through force, which is why I believe in taxes, even if I hate paying them :-).

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