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  • 04:00 Popular Thoughts From Yachts

    Thoughts From Yachts

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    In which Hank discusses the human condition and attempts to understand monstrous displays of wealth. There was a lot more I wanted to say on this topic but: 1. Four minute time limit and 2. It's really hard to talk about this stuff without getting judgy.

  • 03:58 Popular Is YouTube Good For Humanity?

    Is YouTube Good For Humanity?

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    Yes, when I get stressed out I start to question absolutely everything in my life which is probably not a really great strategy. VidCon starts this time next it will be interesting to see if I can get a video done! ---- Subscribe to our newslett

  • 03:50 Popular Is This Video Cool?

    Is This Video Cool?

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    In which Hank discusses his new obsession. There are /so many/ words for "Cool" because what is cool is always changing and we need new words to embody that new aesthetic. This has resulted in a wonderful and beautiful (and sometimes worrying) array of wo