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Kids Search

A child friendly and safe Internet search engine for kids based on Google's Safe Search and filtering technology.

Kids Pictures

Browse and search millions of images using safe search images and kids can submit their own pictures for the picture of the day.

Kids Videos

View youth appropriate videos and movies through our kid's video section. Fun, scientific and educational videos for all ages.

Kids Games

Play games online through in our kid's games area, categorized by genre and age.

More Kids Pages

  • Paint

    Use our online paint for kids and coloring book to make fun pictures then print them out and share them.

  • Music

    Listen to online streaming music of popular children's radio stations, such as Kid's Radio Disney.

  • Calculator

    A simple to use online calculator that allows you to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

  • Measurements

    Use this online too to discover the differences and conversion between different measurements.

  • Converter

    A simple but helpful online converter to change measurements between the English and the metric system.

  • Translator

    This online translator for kids is an easy way convert one language into another. Great for international pen pal letters.

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Other Web Pages

This is a list of common pages that are intended for parents, teachers and, educators and webmasters

  • About Us

    Learn about how this website works and what technologies it uses to create a child friendly search and portal.

  • Contact Us

    Contact Kid's Search via our online web form or through e-mail. We will get back with you as soon as possible

  • Donate

    Help support this website by giving a donation directly to us as a onetime contribution or through our Patreon account.

  • Link To Us

    Webmasters can link to our main page or any specific page or result in this site. Use either text links or banner links supplied.

  • Set Homepage

    A how to guide on changing your browser's default home page to use to use it as a starting portal for kids.

  • Report

    If you find a search result or page that has an error or is inappropriate to our policy of terms of conduct report it here.

  • Add A Site

    If you wish to suggest a site to be added to the Kids Search results use this page and supply the websites URL address.

  • Newsletter

    View our newsletter online and you can also subscribe to receive this ad-free periodical in your mail.

  • Event Calendar

    Stay up to date on the latest events in the online search community, library association and educational technology.

  • Forum

    The community section is forum for parents, librarians and educators to community their thoughts, ideas and questions.

  • Partners

    This page describes some of our industry partners as well as other similarly minded groups like us.

  • Privacy Policy

    View our terms of use and privacy policy page to understand what type of information we collect and how we use it.


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