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Recommended Science Sites for Kids

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye is that science professor from TV with a show about science for kids. On his website you can get information about the shows, see some videos and explore some really cool home science projects.

Student Science

This blog section from the Society for Science offers some great articles on a wide range of topics, from Earth Science, Life Science, Tech and more.

Brain Pop

This site engages students through animation, movies, games and interactive quizzes, concept mapping and more. Brain Pop topics include Science, Math, Social Studies, Language, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music and more.

Amusement Park Physics

Find out how the laws of physics play a role in designing an amusement park. You can design roller coasters, calculate the outcome of bumper car collisions and more.

Extreme Science

You can find the biggest, baddest and the best of the world in extremes and learn the science behind what makes the most extremes. A collection of articles and pages of world records of natural science.


This site is for those wanting to make science fun! Includes fun facts and experiments you can perform, along with crafts, recipes, magic tricks, jokes and a lot more.

Greatest Engineering Achievements

The Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century website explores the 20 top technologies that helped shape our modern world.

How Stuff Works

Is a large site that has easy to understand answers and explanations on how the world actually works. Filled with articles, podcasts and videos this is a great website to explore.

Popular Science

This is the website for the Popular Science magazine, but it is filled with lots of articles and videos covering the latest scientific discoveries and technologies.