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Recommended Reading Sites for Kids

Between the Lions

This PBS Kids website has lots of Flash based games, stories, videos, music and poems.

Jokes By Kids

A collection of thousands of clean jokes for kids and new ones are added every day. Listed in categories such as Animal jokes, Knock Knock jokes and more, you can even submit your own joke.

Reading Juice

This site contains collections of funny poems for kids by Mark Megson. Includes short and long poems, limericks and eBooks.

World of Tales

A collection of stories for children, folktales, fairy tales and fables from around the world.

Children's Storybooks Online

A collection of free illustrated children's stories. This site also includes riddles, coloring books and puzzles.

Storyline Online

This site contains professionally done videos of parents, educators and well known actors reading popular books.

Classic Children's Books

This site contains hundreds of classical online books for reading. Genres include, poetry, historical fiction, legends, fables and more.


This site contains very early reading flash based tools and games. It contains some free material as well as a lot more with their subscription service.

Reading Bear

This site contains presentations of over a thousand vocabulary items. Learn phonics and the use of letters in words with the help of presentations and videos.