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Recommended Music Sites for Kids

Wiki How To Read Music

This WikiHow article is a great easy to understand document, with pictures, on the basics of reading sheet music.

How To Read Music

A step-by-step article on reading music sheets, from Clef, music notes, beats, tempo, scales. The site includes other articles related to music but this one page article should be enough to get any beginner started.

PBS Kids Music Games

This section of PBS Kids includes several flash based music games for kids with your favorite characters from Sesame Street, Martha Speaks, Curious George and more including styles like, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz and Rock & Roll.

Guitar Lessons

A great free guitar lesson guide online with step by step video instructions. Learn the basics of strumming, chords and scales.

DSO Kids

This website is by the Dallas Symphony Association and offers unique online flash games that teach music principals and history.

NYPhil Kids

The New York Philharmonic KidZone contains some fun music based games including Make Your Instrument, Music Quest, Percussion Showdown, Music Match Composers and more.

Nick Radio Station

This is the official web radio station for Nick and it includes a life music player whre you can listen to popular kids songs featured on the Nick TV shows and others.

Radio Disney

Radio Disney is one of the most popular kids online radio stations, but you will need to download the Radio Disney App to listen.

Virtual Drumming

If you just want to beat your drum all day and online check out this really awesome site that features mobile apps and web based apps with hundreds of virtual drum kits you can play.