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Recommended Math Sites for Kids

This site is filled with revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers and everyone to learn math. From Math Homework help, practices, tutoring, calculators and games this site has just about everything you need for math.


Use the website or get the mobile app to help solve nearly any math problem. A great tool for helping check math homework step-by-step and just playing with math.


A revolutionary tool for solving math problems visual. This tool allows you to create create complex math equations and problems that a normal calculator just can't do.

Math Playground

Math Playground is filled with math games, logic puzzles, step-by-step instructional videos, math practice, and a variety of problem solving activities.

Cool Math Games

This math site for kids has been around since 1997 and makes math enjoyable for people who thought it couldn't be fun by combing games and math together online.

KidZone Math

This site offers a lot of worksheets that you can print out. It includes topics from simple math to word problems and breaks down the work sheets based on grades Preschool to 5th grade.

A Plus Math

Provices interactive math activities to help students improve their math skills. has become one of the top math web sites in the world and contains many useful resources for parents, teachers and students.

AAA Math

This is a free site that features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons from Kindergarten through Eighth grade level.

Brain Bashers

This site offers a collection of thousands of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games an optical illusions to challenge kids and adults.