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Recommended Measurements Sites for Kids

PBS Kids Measurement Games

This section of the PBS Kids website has many games about measurements. Learn how to determine lengths, volumes, distances and other measurements with your favorite characters like Curious George, Dino Train, Peg + Cat, Cyberchase and more.

Measurement Activities has a section with measurement activites for kids, wher eyou can find interactive games, activities, projects, worksheets and more.

How To Use A Ruler

This wikiHow page is a simple illustrated guide on the different types of measuring devices, such as the ruler, measuring tape, yardstick and seamstress tape and how to properly use each.

How To Calculate Volume

On this wikiHow page you can learn 6 different ways for calculating the volume of a cube or rectangle. Learn how to find the height, width and depth of items using a ruler or measuring tape.

Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder

This Duckster's page is a simple illustrated guide for using radius and height to calculate both the volume and surface area of a cylinder.

Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere

This page is an upper elementary guide for finding the volume and surface area of a sphere. You will need to know how to multiple, division, exponents and how to use pi.

Pythagorean Theorem

Once you know square roots you can calculate Pythagorean Theorem. This webpage is a students guide and video on how to use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the side of a triangle.

Distance Worksheets

The Math Blaster website has a section dedicated to worksheets for distance. You can download or print these worksheets to find distnace between coordinates, understanding and solving pythagoras, find distance and speed and more.

How To Calculate Distance

This illustrated wikiHow page is a great tutorial on how to calculate distances. Find the distance between two points or find the distance and average speed and time.