About Kid's Search

A child friendly search engine and portal for youths kindergarten through elementary.


Kid's Search is about creating a fun and safe search platform and website. Our target audience is k-12 for use in the classroom, libraries and home. The site can be used as an interactive site and web portal. All of our out bound links are screened using various technologies and community feedback.

  • Kids Safe Search

    Our safe search system uses multiple layers of filter controls to screen queries and results to block inappropriate content.

  • No Advertising

    We are a non-profit organization that uses volunteers and donations to maintain this website. We do not use deceptive banners to get click revenues.

  • Kid's Safe Videos

    The video sections pulls entertaining and educational videos from sources like YouTube for replay on our websites but without the unfiltered comments.

  • Kids Games

    Our staff has asked the community and educators for the best type of online games and appropriately categorized them based on age and genre.


Use Kid's Search as a portal by linking to our website at https://kidssearch.com, booking marking it in your browser or setting the homepage in your browser to this site.

  • Set Homepage

    Set Kids Search as your browsers starting page. See the guide how to change homepage for more details.

  • Link To KidsSearch

    Link to Kid's Search using a text link or banner. See our Linking to KidsSearch page for instructions.

No Ads

Our non-profit approach relies on volunteers, grants and donations to run and develop this website. We do not add or endorse any advertisement or monetization sources such as banners or paid links.

Many companies that cater their websites to children often deploy popular ad making revenue systems. Those systems are often intentional confusing to children and educators so as to misrepresent website content so they will be clicked on. We believe such tactics are not a genuine threat but does speak to the character and nature of such websites as not being honest or user friendly.

We sometimes do add links and banners to this website promoting other likeminded services, but will do so in a way that is not intentionally misleading and it is clear what those linked services are. If you feel that at any time part of this website is not living up to this goal please contact and let our staff know so we can address it.

  • Non-Profit

    We are a non-profit association, we don't make any money from this website and we will never have paid advertisement content.

  • Donations

    Help support this website by pledging donations or volunteering. See our Donate To KidsSearch for details on how to help.


The core of this website is the Kids Friendly Search Engine, which utilizes the Google Safe Search API. Google manages these search results. We have chosen to utilize Google's search engine technology because of their expertise and breadth of query results. We are examining other possible candidates and in house databases for the future designs, but for now nothing tops Google's search results.

Google's Safe Search however is not without its caveats. Their system does nothing to prohibit profanity and inappropriate search terms. We have integrated systems with the aid of partners, such as Surf Cop to first screen and block search terms before they are ever have a chance to make to the search query.

We can not guarantee that every search result or video file will be free from profanity or third party links that lead to other websites that are inappropriate. There are measures however one can take, part of our team is also part of Junior Surfer, a web browser that also shares the same goals as Kid's Search and it has the ability to properly filter and safeguard Internet browsing once one leaves the kidssearch.com.

Kids Search Technology
  • Accessibility

    Web design for both accessibility and ease of use is always a challenge. By utilizing responsive designs and modern techniques goes so far, we need your help as well. Leave feedback and suggestions on making this website better.

  • Search Filters

    There are several layers at work to block inappropriate search terms and results. The search engine should block all inappropriate material as recommended by our community supporters. Join the Kids Search Community and learn how you can also help make this a better search engine.

  • Google Safe Search

    After all filters and screening has taken place the search query results use Google's Safe Search to deliver the final query results. Google is a logical choice as they are the world's most popular and reliable search provider.

  • Secure

    This website uses the SSL encryption layer to secure connections between the user and the website. When you see the address bar that starts with https:// that means your connection to KidsSearch.com is secure and private.

The Team

We are both IT professionals and parents who volunteer our time to build and innovate a child safe search engine. Currently the team consists of programmers, database managers, bloggers and media designers. Help is always needed! Contact us if you would like to share our vision in join the team!

Kids can safely search the Internet using the Kids Safe Search Engine located on our home page. By using various filter technology backed by Google's Safe Search and encrypted Internet connections, Kid's Search is the most advanced and secure search engines for kids.

Users can search the web's images using Kid's Picture Search using the same technology used in normal search queries. Web collections of popular kid's searches are pre listed for easier access without having to leave the site.

Videos are one of the most popular reasons to use the Internet these days. We have integrated a Kid's Video search and content section. New kid's videos are pulled daily from appropriate content creators and filtered through our automated screening system. By viewing these movies on the Kid's Search website the threat of advertising and unmonitored comments frequently associated with videos on their home sources is removed.

Without Kid's Games this wouldn't be a fully kid friendly portal. There are lots of places to find games on the world wide web, but all of them require dodging revenue links, choked pages of banners and dreaded pop-ups. Being a nonprofit we don't make money from online ads, but we still want to include the best kid's games and searches for them. So you will find games in our Kid's Game section, most of these are flash and Java based games that are embedded directly on our site's pages. However we cannot modify the actual games themselves, so some of them may still contain advertisement but we try really hard to find good ones that don't!

Our website offers online tools as well as searches, pictures and videos. There are tools such as our Kid's Paint, Kid's Calculator and online measurements and converter tools. Se our growing list of Kid's Online Internet Tools for more.

We take online safety for kids very seriously and parents and educators should as well. We have put together a series of articles and hand outs for students to study as well as guides for parents and teachers. See the Kids Online Safety Guide for details.

Join the community to help us make the best and safest web portal for kid's possible! Why we need your help? Innovation and improvements come mostly from user feedback. We can't make it better if we don't know what is wrong. Sometimes we see ways to make improvements, sometimes new technology becomes available that can be useful, but more than half the time the best ideas come from people like you.

Being a member of KidsSearch you can help with database filtering, suggest new pages and help write useful articles and guides and/or help with fund raising! Join the community by signing up to your moderator's forum.



President and founder of Kid's Search. Randy has been a computer guru since the mid 80's and has a masters in Computer Science and Programming Languages.



Van knows all there is about website design, he has a bachelor's in design and has his own successful website development company. If there is something wrong with the website you have him to thank.



He might wear a black hat and jacket most of the time, but John is what we call a White Hat Hacker. John focuses on website security and privacy.



Fiery red hair and temper to match Bridget is in charge of our online fund raising and community support. She is dedicated, she is motivated and she is the girl on fire!