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Web Safety Tips

It is our mission to create a safe platform for children to explore the Internet. The following are best practices for Internet safety for kids. However our search engine has limits, and once a link is followed to another website there is nothing our site can do to ensure further safe searching. There is a solution however, download and use our partner's kid's safe browser at JRSurfer. The free browser filters websites and ads, and includes parental controls.

  • Ask For Help

    Ask For Help

    Sometimes web pages are not designed very well can be hard to figure out. If you can't figure it out ask for help from a friend or adult.

  • Think Before You Post

    Think Before You Post

    When you post something to a site it can be seen by others even if you think it might not. Never say anything bad or inappropriate about anyone especially family and friends.

  • Do Not Talk To Strangers

    Do Not Talk To Strangers

    Just like in real life, your parents probably told you never to talk with strangers, you should remember to do the same online. This includes places like chat rooms, forums and Facebook.

  • Keep Your Information Secret

    Do Not Give Your Information

    Keep your information a secret when online. Unless a parent or teacher tells you it is ok, never give your personal information online. Your personal information includes, name, address, telephone number and email.

  • Get Permission

    Get Permission Before Joining

    Never join a website that is asking for you to create an account unless a parent or teacher has told you it is ok.

  • Tell A Parent

    Tell Your Parents

    If you see something that looks bad on the internet, tell your parents or teacher and show them what you found. If the web content is inappropriate we ask that it be submitted for filtering here.