How Donations Are Used

This page outlines how we use donations to Kids Search.

Kids Search does not make any money through on sight advertisements, our entire funding is from donations and grants. Creating a great website and maintaining has costs involved, that is why we really need donations to keep it going. Most of our webmaster staff is from volunteers but other parts of the operation do require funding. To help our users and those interested in donating we have outlined what the expenses are below.

Investment Fund

Pays back interest and original investment to start the website.

Period: Montly

Web Service

Pays for the dedicated webhosting service.

Period: Montly

Domain Renewal

Renews this domain each year through the domain register and also includes ICANN fees.

Period: Yearly

Technical Administration

Technical support for onsite services dealing with server hardware maintenance.

Period: Montly

Secure Socket Layer Certification

Yearly fee to support Secure Socket Layer Certification (SSL) or the https security and privacy encryption when using the website.

Period: Montly


We utilize several licensed programs, artwork and resources on the site. This goes to a pool to pay all licenses even though they may recur on a monthly , quarterly or yearly bases.

Period: Montly

Please Dondate

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By donating you help keep this website operational and kids will be able to have a free to use and commercial free search engine and activity site.