Pick A Color To Paint With

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Kid's Paint Instructions

This is a simple online painting program, you don't have to download anything. The only requirement is that your browser supports Javascript.


kids paint toolbar

The toolbar contains all the drawing tools. Select an item from the toolbar by clicking on it. Some have options like brush size and color picking.

undo icon Undo: Use this to undo the last paint action.

redo icon Redo: If you have used undo but change your mind you can use this to put it back.

clear icon Clear: Use the clear button erase the drawing page and start over.

box icon Box: Draw a box with this tool, you can also select different box type shapes by holding the button down.

circle icon Circle: Draw a circle or oval by pressing this icon, there are additional shapes available if you hold the button down.

line draw icon Line: Draw a straight lines. The line color thickness is indicated by the line thickness button farther to the right. The line color is indicated by the colored icon next to the thickness number.

pencil draw icon Pencil: The pencil lets you freely draw wherever you point. Like the line the thickness is indicated by the right stroke thickness icon and it's color to use is to the right of that.

text icon Text: Use this to put text on your picture, start by dragging a box to outline the area the text should fit.

erase icon Erase: This is an eraser, use it to clean up mistakes.

bucket fill icon Bucket: Use the fill bucket to fill in entire sections with a color, the color that will be used is indicated by the color directly to the right.

bucket fill color icon Bucket Color: The bucket color to the right of the Bucket icon. Use it to select from millions of colors.

line thickness icon Line Thickness: This is also known as stroke thickness, it determines how thick your Line and Pencil will be.

stroke color icon Stroke Color: This determines what color the Line and Pencil will draw with.

load picture icon Load: You can load previously saved pictures that were saved using the Save Icon (not the "Save Download") . Your pictures are stored on our website, but they are based on your unique computer's identifier.

save picture icon Save: You can save your pictures to be used by the Load icon. Only the last 10 pictures are saved.

Quick Color Pallet

The quick color pallet is an easy way to quickly change both the bucket fill and stroke colors in the toolbar. You will see the 14 most commonly used drawing colors. If you want to select from millions of colors click on the toolbar's color selectors.

Other Options

At the very bottom you will find a few more options, including the button for this help guide.

Download: Use this button to save your picture to your own computer's hard drive or local storage.

Print: If you have a printer you can use this option to print your picture.

Toolbar: This button will rotate the toolbar. By default the toolbar is shown horizontally but you can also make it vertical. Toggle the toolbar's orientation by clicking on this button.

Help: Shows this box.